Loose Lead Walking - A Training Guide

Master the skill of easy and stress-free lead walking.



  • Meet your coach
  • Introduction
  • Why do dogs pull on the lead?
  • What do you want your dog to do?
  • Walking equipment
  • Five things to consider 
  • In conclusion
  • Bonus content
  • How I can help

Giulia Danielis

Full accredited member of the Professional Association of Canine Trainers 

Animal Trainer Instructor with The Animal Behaviour and Training Council 

Full trainer member of INTODogs

Certified animal trainer with ICAN

Full member of the Association of Italian Trainers and Behaviourists 

Certified Trick Dog Instructor with Do More With Your Dog

Bronze Level UK Sniffer Dogs Qualified Instructor

Canine Principles Diploma in Canine Coaching

Canine First Aid 

Fully insured

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